To ensure success for our customers (and for ourselves since we are financially invested in each customer's outcome), we make and keep 5 promises. There will be:

  1. A shift to greater strategic or “ownership” thinking: Managers will have an opportunity to think/decide more like owners and senior decision makers. They will be enabled to participate with much greater confidence in operational strategy meetings with senior management.
  2. Measurable Improvement of Income Statement numbers & metrics: Income Statement health improves as participants learn a deeper, action-focused understanding of the P&L and crucial cost and expense metrics. Company managers will have a chance to acquire greater insight with operational issues reflected on the P&L, e.g., labor efficiency, add-on revenue, delinquencies, discounts & the impact of mediocre service.
  3. Measurable Cash Flow increase: Cash Flow improves as company managers choose a greater action-focused commitment to operational issues such as collecting receivables, managing payables and controlling inventory.
  4. Greater awareness of impact on other functions & departments: Company managers are enabled to partner with operational, admin and financial departments around them. They will also design and fully implement operational KPI’s to drive greater financial urgency and action with their teams.
  5. Enhanced Team synergy with financial & operational goals: Imagine the power of a whole management team having the opportunity to speak, brainstorm and make operational decisions together using the language of business.

Mindful Finance is an action-taking program. Twenty plus years of delivering this program has taught us that learning + practice + reinforcement creates permanent change. To that end, the program is delivered in easily consumable portions over a 10-11 month period. With every customer-customized program, we financially commit to:
  • Significantly improve EBITDA or Net Profit, e.g., clients have seen improvement from 25-350%
  • ​Measurable improvement in high-margin revenue
  • Increase cash flow by 4-30 Days
  • Ramp up Team Synergy to solve financial problems
  • Design, refine and fully implement Key Performance Indicators to directly drive profit and cash flow improvement

We are so confident of our methods and results that we will guarantee a specifically verifiable 250% return or better on the program's base fee investment over the course of the program or give back the base fee

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Mindful Finance Training: The 5 Promises

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Working with Michael and his team couldn’t have been easier. They listened to every bit of feedback, made adjustments, and were able to completely customize a very effective learning experience that met the diverse needs of our team. They createda very informative and enriching program that our teammates are able to put to immediate use in their daily work.

Lowell Richardson
Director, Human Resources,
Dean Foods