At Mindful Finance, we believe that most attempts at financial training for non-financial managers fail because they over-emphasize content and process. That focus makes learning this information tedious and difficult for people who don't work with numbers for a living. Instead, our team focuses on developing strategic financial tools, concepts and activities to tie great learning to improved financial performance.

Financial awareness and improved decision making happen when learning is fun, simple and relevant to the day-to day activities and behaviors of your salespeople, managers and employees. We customize our proprietary activities to your specific business environment and performance measures. As a result, our programs provide immediate impact on how people think, communicate and take action concerning better financial decisions and results. Below are the members of the team that make it happen.

Members of the team by function

Project Management, Design and Delivery: Michael Higgins is the founder of Financial Decision Maker and an expert in the creation and deployment of training methods and processes for individuals, groups and leaders in business. He has managed a range of training projects, including the subjects of finance, leadership, communication and customer service for companies such as ABB, Steelcase, Wachovia Securities, Midas, Limited Brands and Herman Miller. The projects have resulted in positive, long-term change in company culture, individual behavior, and business outcomes.

Project Management, Design and Delivery: Ted Kinsman is a developer at Financial Decision Maker and provides twenty years of consulting skills in systems analysis, executive management, master facilitation, project management and course design. Drawing from an advanced degree in business, Ted offers a unique perspective gained from projects conducted worldwide and has worked with such clients as Verizon Wireless, General Motors, Exxon-Mobil, American Honda, ABB, Philips Electronics, BOC Gases, and Steelcase.  

Online Design and Development: Jeff Gregory has worked in technical communications since the mid-1980's. With a Bachelor's in Journalism and  a Master's in History of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he started out as science writer working for the university. Since then, Jeff has focused on course development and technical writing in the software, telecommunications, and emergency response fields.

Project Management, Process Improvement: Karin Liebhold has over 20 years in small business management and consulting, developing, implementing and managing administrative processes, policies and practices from start up through brokered sales. Karin is a process expert with the expertise to 1) break down complicated, customer problems into workable pieces and 2) build processes to settle the issue(s) going forward. She has a BA from the University of California, Berkley and an M. Ed. from Arizona State University.

Online Design and Development: Ken Saltz holds a Master's degree in Educational Technology from San Diego State University. He has over ten years experience analyzing, designing, developing and implementing Electronic Performance Support Systems and performance-centered training solutions for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

Design, Delivery, Marketing and Assessment: Avram Saunders brings 25 years of experience in training and development disciplines - including co-owning and running a large T&D firm (Educational Discoveries) - to his role on the Financial Decision Maker team. Avram has project managed and supported design and development financial training projects for some of the largest companies in the world: Ingersol-Rand; Bank of America; Caterpillar; Monsanto. Additionally, Avram owns and manages Synaptix which provides objective knowledge assessment services to both corporate and public entities.

Marketing Strategy: Susan Robinson has been a successful wholesale manufacturer and business strategist for 27 years. Susan brings her expertise in designing and executing marketing strategy to the Financial Decision Maker team. She also specializes in the design and execution of outstanding customer service and high customer retention programs.

Strategic planning, marketing, and course design: Neal Rohris a former National Account marketing Rep for IBM, Neal has performed systems design, and management and sales course development for Fortune 500’s including Allied Stores, Abercrombie’s, Bristol Myers, and Monsanto.  A published author, feature film producer, Rohr has also conducted sales seminars for thousands of managers and sales representatives throughout the country.

Web development and technical support: William Rice is a training professional. He is the author of Moodle E-Learning and Moodle Teaching Techniques. William enjoys finding ways to apply time-tested, proven teaching techniques using new tools--such as e-learning systems, video conferencing, and online social networking. His professional passion is creating learning experiences that enable students to accomplish their goals. His job on the Financial Decision Maker team is to provide technical support, solve technical glitches and support the development of new web products.

The Team

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