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Financial acumen in fact remains one of the least developed, critical skill sets in today's business world. According to a nationwide study in the Harvard Business Review, 62% or 6 out of every 10 corporate financial decisions made by non-financial decision-makers are wrong or pure guesswork (test your own acumen or that of your managers)

Mindful Finance fills this void in the marketplace. Over two decades ago we recognized the need and the challenges of effectively teaching finance to non-financial management teams.  The need was clear, but the learning challenges had been largely ignored.

Effective non-financial managers understand and can navigate in the financial world. Finance is their language of business. These managers recognize that every operational decision and action has an impact on a company's numbers.

However, the vast majority of non-financial managers have a limited understanding of that language. They have even less grasp on the impact of their actions on the key measurements and decision points at their company.

Mindful Finance Directly Improves Skills AND Financial Performance

Most managers lacking a financial background are stressed out or overwhelmed as they attempt to learn finance. These strong, negative emotions make learning and retention almost impossible. The result is that many managers, including senior-level decision makers, will pretend to understand financial terms and strategies rather than admit they are lost.

To counter these negative outcomes, Mindful Finance developed our 5-promise, 6-step, remote but always-live, financial performance improvement process. The five promises and six steps of the program financially guarantee improvement in bottom line performance. This is accomplished by inspiring, training and committing every program participant to directly improve their company's profit, cash flow and return bottom lines. Learn about the Five Promises and Six Steps.

Our History: The team at Mindful Finance delivered live financial-impact initiatives aimed at improving bottom line performance to tens of thousands of managers and employees. Our customers included companies large (ABB, Steelcase, BOC Gases, Verizon, Dean Foods) and small (Fiore and Sons, RCP Block and Brick, San Diego Trading Company, Rocky Mountain Restoration, Nexcelom Bioscience).To impact the financial confidence and competency for the greatest number of managers, we transformed that live training experience into our current, customized, always-live, remote learning platform.

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