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Mindful Finance teaches business and financial acumen. Our work is based on three primary assumptions.

The first assumption is that financial and business acumen are foundations of leadership abilities. Mindful Finance provides a knowledge base for these abilities.

Second, that having people with this ability and knowledge is essential to developing human capital and building bench strength at every company.

Third, we believe that in the new world economy, every person at your company is a decision maker. Conversely, most people do not know how their decisions and actions affect company performance and strategic objectives.

We partner with our clients to provide customized, cutting edge financial training in order to improve communication, decision-making, and performance at every level of the organization.

Managers and employees need to understand financial and business acumen to contribute to the company's success. We create customized programs that teach your people how to think and act strategically so that their day-to-day decisions and behavior support the company's strategic objectives.

We think that although most companies have clear strategic objectives and metrics, they have not been able to make these concepts simple, engaging, and meaningful enough to get people to learn them and change their behavior. We have spent a career discovering the most effective ways to do that.

About Us

"If you choose to lead, your job is to create context and provide support to all around you. You have to deliver safety and meaning if you expect to achieve results. The power you have as a leader is in others- to harness that, they need to feel safe to strive and thrive, and they must be clear about the why."

Bob Hedges
SVP Distribution, Fidelity Investments

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