Operations Training: "The turnaround of the ABB Group has been a truly remarkable success and the improved results within the North America, Process Automation Division, has been even more dramatic. I'm convinced the incremental performance is attributable to providing an empowered team with the tools, process and transparent information required to make timely decisions. The key was our decision to partner with your company."

Bronson Reed
VP of Finance; ABB North America, Automation Technology Division

Online Training: "Effectively training co-workers in today's business environment demands flexibility, customization, and accessibility. You worked with our Executive Financial Staff and our University Team to produce a tailor-made, online learning solution for our Leadership Academy participants. I am happy to be your customer."

Erika Hernandez
Manager of Training & Development; Amcor Sunclipse North America

Online Training: "I think it <the online training program> is an excellent program. The content is clearly laid out, easy to use and well organized. Key items are reinforced. The content makes a good and straight forward attempt to draw attention to the relevance of understanding accounting information to a person's job. The relationship between the 3 statements is demystified."

Eric Walker
MBA, CA.CBV Ontario, Canada

Online Training: "I LOVE IT! Everything from the course overview, the narrator and Billy the guitar playing investor is amazing. It's remarkable and a very handy too for businesses and schools. I know that school systems are normally broke, but it could make a really big difference in convincing more students to pursue degrees in Accounting or Finance. It would also be great for small businesses."

Sonja Williams
Owner, Passionate About Diversity

Operations Training: During the financial training program, lots of light bulbs went off. My maintenance head came back from the training, met with his managers and really went to work on reducing energy costs. We've already identified five million dollars of improvements to work on next year."

Eddie Black
Regional Operations Manager, Almatis, Inc., Little Rock, AR

Financial Selling: The Financially Strategic Selling training accomplishes two major objectives for our sales force. First, it drives home the fundamentals of basic financial understanding by emphasizing the impact on financial results. Second, we take that financial knowledge and apply it to the specific goals that our clients have. It enables us to work with our customers to find ways they can improve their results."

Charlie Young
VP Sales; ABB North America, Automation Technology Division

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